1984, polarity and all that…

So I’m just starting to play around with this blogging nonsense and whilst I see if I can make the technology work (link this with that etc etc) I thought I’d better choose an earth shatteringly big subject for my trial post if I want to catch your attention.

So, those of us that were there and old enough to remember 1984 and the era that surrounded it will remember we used to live in a world of polar opposites. None of this namby pamby coalition and co-operation nonsense for us. Were you with Thatcher or with Scargill? Did you sympathise with Reagan or with Gorbachev?

However, these issues paled into significance when confronted with the great choice between good and evil that the 1980s confronted us with.

Were you a Whammy or a Duranny?

Clearly, time has proven that as a committed Whammy I have been on the side of the righteous for all these years.

George Michael remains a living God whilst Andrew Ridgeley remains what he always was, a peculiar choice presumably there to point up just how vast the gap between us ordinary mortals and gorgeous George really was… is.

But what has become of the cultural bumfluff that was Duran Duran. Google them. Oh dear. I rest my case.


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